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ARCHIVES: Spring 2017 issue: ToC and Abstracts

CONTENTS Dean A. Irwin, From Archae to Archives Mark Dunton, Public relations and the price commission, 1973-74 Paul Rock, ‘The dreadful flood of documents’:  The 1958 Public Record Act and its aftermath: Part 2:  After-effects Michael Moss and David Thomas, Overlapping temporalities – the judge, the historian and the citizen Obituary: Freddie Emery Wallis, 1927-2017 ABSTRACTS Dean A. Irwin, From Archae to Archives Acknowledgments of debt, made to the Jews of England between 1194 and 1290, have long been known to historians. The two largest collec...

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ARCHIVES: Spring 2016 Double Issue. ToC and Abstracts

Contents Robert F.W. Smith, Sir Edward Coke’s collection of knowledge: The inception of the Holkham archive Amanda Bevan and David Foster, Shakespeare’s original will: A re-reading, and a reflection on interdisciplinary research within archives Lesley Higgins, Spelt from Hopkins’s leaves: Considering archival ‘remains’ Paul Rock, ‘The dreadful flood of documents’: The 1958 Public Record Act and its aftermath Part 1: The genesis of the Act John Campbell, Writing political biography – with and without the papers Clare Cowling, Legal records at ...

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ARCHIVES: Volume L (2015): Double Sports Issue: abstracts!

  Eleanor Hoare, SPORT AT ETON COLLEGE A consideration of the rich collection of sporting records held in the archives of Eton College, tracing the development of sporting activity at the school. Mark Blandford-Baker, ‘UPON THE ELYSIAN STREAM’ AN OXFORD COLLEGE BOAT CLUB’S ARCHIVE AND ITS OARSMEN Tracing the history of inter-collegiate rowing at Oxford University through the archives of the Magdalen College Boat club. Steve Tate, ‘YOURS TO HAND, AND THE FOLLOWING IS THE INFORMATION YOU REQUIRE . . .’: LETTERS TO THE EDITOR IN THE JAMES CATTON ARCHIVE ...

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