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The Journal of The British Records Association

Vol. XXII Number 93 to Vol. XXX Number 113
Cumulative Listing of Contents (excluding reviews)
22(93) April 1995    
Sex in the Archives Lesley Hall 1
Local Court Administration within the Liberty of Allertonshire, 1470-1540 Christine Newman 13
Collier Serfdom in mid-eighteenth-century Scotland: new light from the Rothes Manuscripts Christopher Whatley 25
The Use of the Private Papers of Politicians in the Study of Policy Formulation during the Eighteenth Century: The Bute Papers as a Case Study John Bullion and Karl Schweizer 34
Communications Intelligence and the Battle of the Atlantic, 1943-1945 David Syrett 45
DIY History? Oral Evidence and Vietnam Peter Riddick 60
Report and Comment. The Records of the Court of First Fruits and Tenths: A Revised List Patrick Carter 77
Report and Comment: Maps and the Complexities of Eighteenth-century Europe's Territorial Divisions: Holstein in 1762 Peter Barber and Jeremy Black 79
Report and Comment. In Pursuit of the Editorship of British Documents on the Origins of the War 1898-1914: J. W. Headlam-Morley before Gooch and Temperley Keith Wilson 82
Report and Comment. The Sutro Library Edwin Welch 88
Review Article. Popular Politics and Post Structuralism Angus Hawkins 89
22(94) April 1996    
The Papers of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, III. The Countess of Leicester's Collection Simon Adams 1
National Politics and Local History: The Regional and Local Archives of the Conservative Party Stuart Ball 27
Report and Comment. The Papers of British Diplomats 1689-1793 Jeremy Black 60
22(95) October 1996    
Obituary: F. G. Emmison Bill Serjeant 97
Obituray: MaryWalton Rosamund Meredith 99
Enclosures by Non-Parliamentary Means: some Comments on the Records John Chapman and Sylvia Seeliger 100
The British Efforts at Safeguarding the land records of Palestine in 1948 Don Gavish 107
Notes and Documents. The Russian Black Sea Littoral in 1791: A Memorandum on Commercial Opportunities Jeremy Black 121
Notes and Documents. The Wellcome Institute Medical Archives and Manuscripts Survey Christopher Hilton 129
Notes and Documents. Jacobite Material among the Scottish Loudon Papers at the Huntington Library K. W. Schewizer 131
Review Article: Printed Calendars and Historical Research Christine M. Newman 136
The Hakluyt Society 1846-1996 Ann Savours 142
22(96) April 1997    
Obituary: Meryl Jancey B. S. Smith 1
Obituary: Bill Adams   2
Northern Riches: Archives and Manuscripts in the University of Hull, Brynmor Jones Library Brian Dyson and Helen Roberts 3
The South Humberside Area Archive Office, 1976-96 John Wilson 15
The Blenheim Papers and the Authorised Biography of John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough Frances Harris 22
The Manuscripts of the Revd Theophilus Lindsey G. M. Ditchfield 30
The Once-Forbidden City: Archive Resources in Tartu, Estonia Peter Waldron 38
Archives and the Indian Army in Waziristan Alan Warren 45
Notes and Documents. Major Textile Archive newly-available at Oldham Archives Paul Sillitoe 51
Report and Comment. Europe in a Wider World, European Summit on Archives, 1996 Ellen Steendam 52
Report and Comment. Methodist Archives and History Center, Drew University Edwin Welch 53
22(97) October 1997    
Obituary. Peter Alexander Kennedy John Draisey 97
Participatory and Collaborative Research in English Regional and Local History: the Hertfordshire Historical Resources Project Nigel Goose 98
Records of Medieval English Theatre Meg Twycross 111
The Bright Family Papers Kenneth Morgan 119
Computerizing London's Eighteenth-Century Maritime Activity Christopher French 130
An Army of Giants: Height and Medical Characteristics of Welsh Soldiers, 1914-1918 Gervase Phillips 141
In Search of the Patient: modem medical records in Devon Gillian Falla and Joseph Melling 147
Environmental History: A Challenge for the Local Historian John Sheail 157
Notes and Documents: Trotsky at Halifax, April 1917 A. D. Harvey 170
Report and Comment. Annual Conference 1996: Records of the Performing Arts Sonia Anderson 175
23(98) April 1998    
Obituary: G. R. C. Davis Brian Smith 1
Continuous History or History by the Yard: Archives in the Year 2001 Sarah Tyacke 3
Reconstructing the Life-Cycle Experience of Poverty in the Time of the Old Poor Law Susannah Ottaway and Samantha Williams 19
Experience or Yarn? The Journal of William Davidson and the Propaganda War Against the Barbary States of North Africa Roger Morriss 30
'Sully and Lawn Sleeves': The Appointment of Claudius Crigan as Bishop of Sodor and Man, 1784 William Gibson 41
Notes on Archival Sources for Local Carriers in Devon M. C. Lowe 51
From the Deanery Window: An Eighteenth-Century View of Lincoln Cathedral Nigel Ashton 54
Report and Comment. The Soldier's Documents of the Great War and the Military Historian Ian Beckett 63
Review Article: Recent Work in Local History and Archives, 1996-97 William Gibson 68
23(99) October 1998    
Obituary: Roger Henry Ellis Dorothy M. Owen with Arthur Owen 97
Obituary: John Hooper Harvey Sheila Himsworth 99
The Hotham Family and its Papers Amanda L. Capern 100
An Inventory of the Archives of the Stuart Court at Saint-Gerrnain-en-Laye, 1689-1718 Edward Corp 118
The Papers of the 3rd Earl Spencer Simon Coleman 147
Beaverbrook's Legacy -Historian's Dream or Archivists Nightmare? Katherine Bligh 153
Notes and Documents. Unpublished Letters from Lord Bute to William Pitt Karl Schweizer 164
Report and Comment. Database of Private Bill Witnesses   168
Report and Comment. Two 'Lost' Charters for the Nunneries of Villers-Canivet and Bondeville in Normandy John Walmsley 168
Report and Comment. An American in the Archives P. J. Kulisheck 171
Review Article: Recent Work in Local History and Archives in 1997 William Gibson 177
24(100) April 1999    
Foreword The Rt Hon. The Lord Woolf 1
One Hundred Issues of Archives P. D. A. Harvey 2
The Nation's Archives: Promoting an Understanding of our Cultural Heritage Mark Fisher 5
The Struggle of Politics in Hanoverian England from the Perspective of the Huntington Library Jeremy Black 11
The Penjdeh Incident 1885 R. A. Johnson 28
Recent Work in Local History and Archives, 1997-98 William Gibson 49
Report and Comment. Archvies at the Millennium. Response of the British Records Association   55
Report and Comment. The State, Citizenship and Statistics: The Work of the General Register Office, 1837 to 1950 Edward Higgs 59
24(101) October 1999    
Obituary. Lord Denning G. H.Martin 1
Archives: the Global Picture George MacKenzie 2
Carry on Stamping? The Past, Present and Uncertain Future of the Records Preservation Section Sarah Henning and Susan Snell 16
The Inns of Court and Inns ofChancery and their Records C. M. Rider 27
The 'Lost' Pelham Papers P.J. Kulisheck 37
The Archive of The North Wales Slate Industry David Gwyn 44
On the Baghdad Road: On the Trail ofW.J. Childs John Fisher 53
Recent Work in History and Archives 1998-99 William Gibson 71
25(102) April 2000    
William Marshal, King Henry II and the Honour of Châteauroux Nicholas Vincent 1
The Correspondence of Robert Burnell, Bishop of Bath and Wells and Chancellor of Edward I Richard Huscroft 16
Letters of Confraternity and Indulgence in Late Medieval England R. N. Swanson 40
The Medieval Commonplace Book: the example of the Commonplace Book of Humphrey Newton of Newton and Pownall, Cheshire (1466-1536) Deborah Youngs 58
'Destroy'd by time's devouring hand'? Mid-Victorian income tax records: a question of survival Robert Colley 74
The Palmerston Papers in the Broadlands Archives Paul R. Ziegler 88
25(103) October 2000    
Obituary: Peter Waine Kate Thompson 97
The Archive of the Invisible: The Ordnance Survey's Boundary Record Library David Fletcher 98
Prostitution in Cardiff in 1908 A. D. Harvey 117
British Agricultural Archives in the Second World War: Lying Fallow John Martin 123
A Threat to Historical Research Chibuike Ugochukwu Uche 136
US Presidential Libraries: the Culture and reality of the Freedom of Information Act Sylvia Ellis 142
Philip Lawn and the Case of the Missing Manuscript Rebecca Johnson 154
Recent Work in Local History and Archives 1999 William Gibson 161
26(104) April 2001    
A Rough Guide to Preservation Management. Introducing the Work of the National Preservation Office Vanessa Marshall 1
Digital Imaging of British Medieval Seals: Report on a Six-Month Pilot Project E. A. New 11
Further Evidence of Accounting in Durham before 1270 Simon]. Harris 18
Creatures of Statute? The Earliest Justices of the Peace Anthony Musson 21
Three Christchurch (Twynham) Indulgences for the Repair of Bridges and Bishop William of Wykeham's Admonition to the Earl of Salisbury on Account of Abuse of his Patronage over the Priory Roy Martin Haines 30
New Evidence Concerning the Flight of the Queen and the Prince of Wales to France in December 1688: A Recently Discovered Letter of James II Edward Corp 36
Some Aspects of Summary Justice in Eighteenth-Century Rural Berkshire Richard Williams 41
Archival Sources for Road Improvement in Nineteenth-Century Devon Michael Lowe 54
The Unitarian Archives at Essex Hall Peter B. Godfrey and G. M. Ditchfield 58
26(105) October 2001    
Nomen and Gens: The Germanic Settlement in Britain and the Genesis of the English Harald Kleinschmidt 97
William Elyot, a Fifteenth-Century Registrar, and his Books Nicholas Orme 112
'Be it as Prayed': A Note on a Quiet Reform of the Lord Chancellor's Ecclesiastical Patronage William Gibson 118
Housing East India Company Troops in the 1790s: A Forgotten Survey James H. Thomas 123
The History of the Poor Law in Wales: Under-Researched, Full of Potential Steven King and John Stewart 134
Wells 1201-2001: Eight Hundred Years of Royal Charter William Smith 149
Review Article: Recent Work in Local History and Archives, 2000 William Gibson 172
27(106) April 2002    
Obituary. Kathleen Major Dorothy M. Owen and Arthur E. B. Owen 1
Passports to Paradise: How English Medieval Hospitals and Almshouses Kept Their Archives Carole Rawcliffe 2
Bath 1775- An Election Ball Gavin Turner 23
Freemasonry and Socio-Economic Networking During the Victorian Period Roger Burt 31
Major Norman Bray and Eastern Unrest in the British Empire in the Aftermath ofWorld War I John Fisher 39
The Alanbrooke Diaries Alex Danchev and Daniel Todman 57
27(107) October 2002    
Parchment and Tombstone: Documents and the Study of English Medieval Monumental Sculpture Nigel Saul 97
The Historical Public and Academic Archival Research: The Experience of the Clergy of the Church of England Database Arthur Bums, Kenneth Fincham and Stephen Taylor 110
Hearing Slave Voices: The Fiscal's Report of Berbice and Demerara- Essequebo John Lean and Trevor Burnard 120
Dade Registers Roger A. Bellingham 134
The Archival Sources for a Study of Franco-British Relations During the First World War Elizabeth Greenhalgh 148
Fiction in the Archives? Sources for the Social History of Infanticide Mark Jackson 173
Review Article: West Indian Sources Kenneth Morgan 186
28(108) April 2003    
Obituary. Dorothy M. Owen M.B.E. (1920-2002) F. B. Stitt 1
Access and Information: European Attitudes and Anxieties Patrick Cadell 3
The Personal Archive of the Grand Pensionary, Gaspar Fagel, 1672-1688: An Elusive Resource for Anglo-Dutch Historians Elizabeth Edwards 14
The Wealth of Riches to be Found in the Court of Chancery: The Equity Pleadings Database Mary Clayton 25
Two Letters by a 'Troubler of Great Empires' Jeremy Black 32
'Death in Kingston Upon Thames': Analysis of the Bonner Hill Cemetery Burial Ground Records, 1855-1911 Chris French 36
The Intricacies of War Office Administration: Civilians, Soldiers, and the Opening of the South African War, October-December 1899 Jeffrey Meriwether 48
Recent Work in Local History and Archives 2000-2001 William Gibson 69
28(109) Oct 2003    
Henry VIII and the English Military Establishment James Raymond 197
Worn and Well Near Spent: The Mystery of the Earl of Southampton and Sir Anthony Shirley Glyn Redworth 113
William Pitt, Earl of Chatham and Imperial Expansion: Unnoticed Material from the Amhurst Archives Karl W. Schweizer 117
The Newcastle Diaries: 'A Study in the Reactionary Temperament' Richard A. Gaunt 120
The Great Ormond Street Historical Patient Database Project Andrea Tanner 132
Douglas Haig and the Development of Twentieth-Century Cavalry Gervase Phillips 142
Living in the Past: British Generals and the Second World War Nick Smart 163
British Prisoners of War in Nazi Germany S. P. MacKenzie 183
29(110) Apr 2004    
Maps, Archives and the Future: Bond Memorial Lecture 2003 P.D.A. Harvey 1
Sources for the Mapping of History: The Case of Historical Atlases Jeremy Black 9
Fact or Fiction? Town Maps as Aids and Snares to the Historian Elizabeth Baigent 24
'His Evel Life, His Troublesome Behaviour': George Puttenham and His Marital Problems Ronald Fritze 38
Home Office 47: Judges' Reports on Criminals, 1783-1830 Paul Carter 50
Devon Newspaper Archives of the 1860s and 1870s Stephen Manning 56
Patents for Invention Anthony Saunders 68
Researching the Grass Roots: The Records of Constituency Level Political Parties in Five British Counties, 1918-40 Stuart Ball, Andrew Thorpe and Matthew Worley 72
29(111) Oct 2004    
The sources of Anthony Wood's Life of Nicholas Hill R.A. Beddard 1
Benjamin Hoadley: Myths and archives Jeremy Black 12
British Foreigh Policy in the mid-eighteenth century reconsidered Jeremy Black 23
An editor in review Reed Browning Reed Browning 31
Recent work in local history and archives 2002-2004 W illiam Gibson 59
30(112) Apr 2005    
Sources and Dates for the Jacobite Song II Murray G.H. Pittock 1
William Bolts: An Eighteenth Century Merchant and Adventurer Barry M. Gough and Robert J. King 8
Debating Policy: Britain and Europe in the Eighteenth Century Jeremy Black 29
Secret Intelligence in the Peninsular War: The Case Study of El Bodon, 25 September 1811 Huw Davies 45
Leaving Kitchener's Shadow: Frances Aylmer Maxwell, a Modern Warrior Jeffrey Lee Meriwether 60
'Private' Papers: The Case of Sir John Simon David Dutton 73
Stolen Goods and the Economy of Makeshifts in Eighteenth Century Exeter Richard Williams 85
30(113) Oct 2005    
Public Interest or Private Property: In Celebration of Private Archives Christopher Kitching 1
Gender in the Archive: Women in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography and the Oxford English Dictionary Elizabeth Baigent, Charlotte Brewer and Vivienne Larminie 13
Local Legislation: Its Scope and Context John Sheail 36
A Rounceval Pardon of 1482 R. N. Swanson 51
Civilians in Warfare, 1500-1789 Jeremy Black 55
A Case for Diplomatic History: Reflections from The Butterfield Archive Karl Schweizer 66
Devizes in the Eighteenth Century: The Evidence from Fire Insurance Records James H. Thomas 75
31(114) April 2006    
Why were probate accounts made? Methodological issues concerning the historical use of administrators' and executors' accounts Ian Mortimer 2
The 'Place in the Sun' A2A index to insurance policy registers at Guildhall Library Isobel Watson 18
Local newspapers and the local historian: the Surrey Comet and Victorian Kingston David Robinson 35
Sound and moving images as a record of society: patterns of public provision Crispin Jewitt 44
Archival perils: an historian's plaint David Lowenthal 49
31(115) October 2006    
Sir Edward Coke and his Institutes of the Laws of England: an Exercise in Legal History? Anthony Musson 95
Reconstructing the Blackstone Archive:or, Blundering After Blackstone Wilfred Prest 108
Archives and Climatic Change: How Old Documents Offer a Key to Understanding the World's Weather Dennis Wheeler 119
The Moving Image: Subject or Object? Clyde Jeavons 133
Additional State Papers Domestic for Charles I from the Docquets of Lord Keeper Coventry (1625 - 1640) in the Birmingham City Archives Jan Broadway, Richard Cust and Stephen K Roberts 148
32(116) April 2007    
Monastic Archives in the National Archives Maureen Jurkowski 1
A peculiar talent in writing history: Gilbert Burnet and his History of my own time Martin Greig 19
Military Correspondence in the late nineteenth century - century press Edward M Spiers 28
Choreographed encounter - the archive and public history Michael Moss 41


32(117) October 2007    
The Prior of Coventry v Queen Isabella of England: re-assessing the archival evidenec Anthony Musson 93
Drowning in a Sea of Paper: British Archives of Naval Warfare N A M Rodger 104
Clearing the Canal: the Whitehall review process and the release of Suez records Christopher Baxter and Stephen Twigge 115
Creating History? Confronting the myth of objectivity in the archive Valerie Johnson 128
Epic group identity and the archive in the modern world Louise Craven 144
33(118) April 2008    
Returning to the text: reflections on the Constituo domus regis S D Church 1
Preserving Zion: the anatomy of protestant nonconformist archives in Great Britain and Ireland Clive D Field 14
Architectural archives in 1955 and 2005: a personal view M H Port 52
Architectural archives: opportunities and challenges Nicholas Kingsley 58
Maximising access to historical medical records Colin Gale and Katherine Webb 70
33(119) October 2008    
Archives and the Public: The 'Eighteenth Century Devon: People and Communities' Project Assessed Simon Dixon 101
Destroying Records, Keeping Records: Some Practices at the East India Company and at the India Office Antonia Moon 114
A Victorian Pioneer in the Records: Walter Rye's Records and Record Searching in context Christopher Kitching 126
Life before Jenkinson - the Development of British Archival Theory and Thought at the Turn of the Twentieth Century Margaret Procter 140
'More Liberal Facilities for the Purposes of Historical Research': Whitehall and Public Records in the Early Twentieth Century T G Otte 162
Professor Geoffrey H Martin, CBE, 1928 - 2007 P D A Harvey 180
34(120) April 2009    
William Browne's Title Deeds and Late Medieval Stamford Alan Rogers 1
Printed Sources, 1799 - 1833, from the West India Committee, London Kent Hackmann 8
Forgery in the Archives David Thomas 21
A Bishop for Virginia in 1672: A Fragment from Bishop Ward's Papers William Gibson 36
William Cleeve and the Hilton Gang: Magistracy and Dissent in the 1680s Ruth Paley 42
David Johnson OBE, 1934 - 2008 M V Roberts 52
Arthur Owen FSA FRHS, 1924 - 2008 Jayne Ringrose and Richard Olney 54
34(121) October 2009    
Expatriate Archives Timothy Lovering 1
The law and ethics of acquisition of expatriate archives: addressing the 'lack of guidelines' Oliver Urquhart Irvine 6
'Expatriate' or 'migrated' archives: the role of the UK archivist Mandy Banton 14
Dismembering or remembering the 'Zimbabwe archive' ? Ivan Munhamu Murambiwa 25
Survey of expatriate archives in Malawi: their location, condition and associated challenges Paul Lihoma 34
Anthony John Farrington 1939 - 2008 Margaret Makepeace 45
Nigel Yates 1944 - 2009 John Morgan-Guy 47
35(122) April 2010    
No Larkin Around: The Serious Business of Contemporary Literary Archives Jennie Hill and Will Slocombe 1
'Laid aside'? Collecting Contemporary Literary Archives and Manuscripts Jamie Andrews 11
Magical and Meaningful: Thirty Years of Literary Manuscript Collecting in the UK and Ireland, 1979 - 2009 Fran Baker, Jessica Gardner, Chris Sheppard and David Sutton 21
Archives of Written Lives: A Case Study of Daphne du Maurier and Her Biographer, Margaret Forster Christine Faunch 28
'Telling Our Own Story': Interpreting Literary Archives for a Wider Audience Jeff Cowton 35
Charles Darwin and the John Murray Archive David McClay 45
Is There a Poet in This Archive Peter Barry 58
Roy Frank Hunnisett, DPhil, FSA, FrHistS 1928 - 2009 Michael Roper, Duncan Chalmers and David Crook 65
35(123) October 2010    
New muster-related sources for Henry IV's army in Scotland, August 1400 David Simpkin 1
'On the left hand above the staire': Accessing, understanding and using the archives of the early-modern court of Duchy Chamber William D. Shannon 19
The sea captain, the nawab and the pilgramage: a maritime yarn examined James Thomas 37
The Broadmoor archive: a preliminary survey of the historic records of Broadmoor Hospital and their research potential Lisa Spurrier 48
George Monck's role in the drafting of the Declaration of Breda Andrew Barclay 63
36(123-124) October 2011    
Redating the Cartae Baronum John S. Moore 1
Fair and Foul in Historical Evidence David Dymond 14
Petitioning Parliament 'to remedy these great mischiefs': The West Riding of Yorkshire Quarter Sessions and Law Reform, 1729-1931 Brian Barber 16
Gaps and Bias in the Records: Researching Christian-Jewish Charitable Collaborations, 1880s-1920s Anne Summers 26
Public Policy and Patient Privacy: Archiving Patients' Mental Health Records from the Age of the Great Hospital c.1948 - 1970 Nicole Baur, John Draisey and Joseph Melling 36
The Changing Fortunes of Philanthropy Frank Prochaska 50
The Earl, his Daughter, her Brother's Housekeeper and The Cat: The Remarkable Story of the Sheffield Park Archives Daniel Waley and Christopher Whittick 62
'Captain Swing' on trial: a prosecutor's perspective: Extracts from the diary of Godfrey Tallents Richard A. Gaunt 79

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