Archives – the journal of the British Records Association

ARCHIVES is the journal of the British Records Association whose aims and objectives it seeks to promote. It focuses on the needs of archive users (both active and prospective) by providing information about the whereabouts, interpretation and historical significance of records in all media. It publishes essays, commentaries, case studies and reports on all aspects of the care, preservation, accessibility and use of archives. It especially welcomes submissions that:

  • provide case studies in the use of archival resources;
  • promote scholarly analysis of the history of archives and the impact on users of record keeping practices, past, present and future;
  • report projects and discoveries;
  • provoke discussion of archival issues within the user community;
  • provide guidance about the use and meaning of archival resources and the linkages between them;
  • communicate archival trends, theories and practices to a wider audience.


ARCHIVES includes short edited documents as well as reviews of recent publications, web sites and archival exhibits (physical or virtual).

ARCHIVES is a peer reviewed journal. There is no upper limit on the length of submissions but it is anticipated that very few will be longer than c.8,000 words including notes. It is published twice yearly.

Submissions must be the original work of the author(s) that have not been published previously, or are soon to be.

Articles sent to ARCHIVES for consideration for publication should not be submitted simultaneously to any other journal or journals.

We are always very keen to receive submissions for inclusion in ARCHIVES. For further information, please contact our Honorary Editor Dr Ruth Paley:

Contents of the next double issue:

Eleanor Hoare, Sport at Eton
Mark Blandford-Baker, ‘Upon an Elysian stream’ An Oxford college boat club’s archive and its oarsmen
Steve Tate, ‘Yours to hand, and the following is the information you require . . .’: Letters to the editor in the James Catton archive at Arsenal Football Club museum and the practicalities of writing the news in the early twentieth-century sporting press
Richard Haynes and Karl Magee, Hosts and champions: Taking the Commonwealth Games Scotland archive on tour
Ruth Paley, Sources for the history of British sport in The National Archives
Simon Inglis, Sporting records – winners and losers in the archiving of British sport
Kenth Sjőblom, Promoting the archiving of sport history: actions and aims of the International Council on Archives Section on sports archives ICA-SPO
Nat Alcock and Penelope Baker, The original documents project undertaken by the British Records Association and the Solicitor’s Regulatory Authority/Law Society