The British Records Association (BRA) is a charity which aims to promote the preservation, understanding, accessibility and study of our recorded heritage for the public benefit. It is open to anyone interested in records and archives whether local historians, academics, professional archivists, or custodians and owners of collections, or simply those who are curious about the record of our past.

Records hold the nation’s memory; they reveal how we became what we are and they are our best guide to the future. We seek to add to the interpretation and appreciation of records, to promote their value to researchers and the wider public.

Since the founding of the Association in 1932, its Records Preservation Section has played a major role in saving records at risk, and organising their distribution.

Events include an Annual Conference and ‘behind the scenes’ visits connected to our conference theme and to other archives throughout the year. Our annual Maurice Bond Memorial Lecture addresses the challenges facing our archival heritage.

Publications include our journal Archives, and a series on sources in history entitled Archives and the User. Guidance notes on preservation and use of records are available as free downloads

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If you would like to learn more about our activities or assist us in any way, email info@britishrecordsassociation.org.uk