The Newsletter

The BRA newsletter appears regularly (currently on Series 5), punctuating the publication schedule for the journal of the BRA ‘Archives’, the Association’s peer-reviewed journal. In the Newsletter you will find news about the BRA, its events and activities, as well as a round-up of information of general interest to members worldwide. Copies are uploaded to the site when the next one appears.

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Series 5 Number 2 (Autumn 2019)


  • News
    • Message from the Chair
    • HMC’s anniversary symposium
    • Records at Risk: latest developments
    • Obituary: Rosemary Keen
    • BRA visits
    • Archives: an update
    • Books, grants and news
    • Events
  • Features
    • Living on the Edge: a round-up of this year’s BRA conference
    • Tax incentives for archives
    • Archiving the counterculture


Series 5 Number 1 (Spring 2019)


    • News
    • 2019 Annual Conference
    • Member News
    • Archive News
    • Records at Risk
    • Events and Grants
    • Features
    • Wellbeing at Work
    • The Archives of the RSA
    • Books
    • Helen Berry: fascinated by foundlings


Series 4 Number 7 (Winter 2018)


  • Chair’s welcome
  • 2018 Bond Lecture
  • Harley Prize
  • Member news
  • Archive news
  • Oxford visit
  • Books and events
  • Archive Explored: The Postal Museum
  • The school archive: adding to value to pupils past and present
  • A new perspective on the Third Reich: interview with Julia Boyd
  • A history of Gypsies in England: interview with David Cressy
  • Saved from a skip: behind the scenes at the Charles Dickens museum


Series 4 Number 6 (Summer 2018)


  • Chair’s Report
  • Records at Risk update
  • EGM update
  • Shops and Shopping
  • Oxford Colleges visit
  • Lambeth Palace visit
  • The Garden Museum visit
  • Oxford and Cambridge Colleges meeting
  • News in Brief
  • Archives: Journal of the BRA


Series 4 Number 5 (Winter 2017/18)


  • Chair’s report and membership news
  • Janette Harley Prize
  • RPS Update: Records at Risk Strategy
  • Shopping in the Archives: Annual Conference report
  • Centre for the History of Retailing and Distribution (CHORD)
  • Reformation on the Record conference report
  • At home with the Cecils: a visit to Hatfield House
  • The Tokefield Archive Centre, Stationers’ Hall
  • ‘Fragments of Note’ Exhibition
  • BRA upcoming events
  • News in brief
  • Archives: Journal of the BRA

Download: BRA Newsletter 4:5 (Winter 2017-18) [Adobe pdf]

Series 4 Number 4 (Summer 2017)


  • Chair’s Report and Welcome to New Members
  • Records Preservation at the BRA – the next stage
  • Notable RPS Deposits
  • Cambridge Colleges visit report
  • BRA upcoming events
  • A New Shop Window for the Boots Archive
  • Archive blogs
  • News Round-up
  • Archives: Journal of the BRA

Download: BRA Newsletter 4:4 (Summer 2017) [Adobe pdf]

Series 4 Number 3 (Winter 2016): Happy New Year to all our members and readers


  • Chair’s Report to AGM, 2016
  • Records Preservation at the BRA
  • BRA Conference, 2016 report
  • BRA upcoming events
  • Crowdfunding Secures Archives for Norfolk RO
  • Westminster City Archives – A conservation tale
  • Archive blogs
  • News Round-up
  • Archives: contents of the next issue

Download: BRA Newsletter 4:3 (Winter 2016) [Adobe pdf]

Series 4 Number 2 (Summer 2016): Interesting Times!


  • Interesting Times: Notes from the Chair
  • Records Preservation Developments in the BRA
  • Visit to Eton College
  • BRA Conference, 2016
  • BRA upcoming events
  • Capability Brown Festival
  • Increasing Transparency
  • New on-line catalogues
  • Archive blogs
  • News Round-up
  • Obituary: Harry Cobb CBE
  • BRA staff news
  • Archives: contents of the next double issue

Download: BRA Newsletter 4:2 (Summer 2016) [Adobe pdf]

Series 4 Number 1 (March 2016): Welcome to the first Newsletter of the re-launched BRA!


  • “Upwards and Onwards”, Julia Sheppard, Chair
  • “RPS takes a new direction”, Penny Baker, Chair, Records Preservation Section
  • BRA ANNUAL CONFERENCE, 2015 “‘In a League of their own’: Archives of the History of British Sport and Physical Recreation” Stephen Freeth
  • Annual Conference 2016 and Upcoming Events
  • “Legal Records at Risk project”, Clare Cowling
  • “Experiencing Archives: The Historian’s Perspective”, Alice White. A young historian reflects on her first encounter with archiving.
  • “New On-line Catalogues”
  • “Archive blogs”<
  • “News Round-up”
  • “Obituary: Janette Harley”
  • “Introducing the new Officers” (Julia Sheppard, BRA Chair / Penny Baker, BRA Vice-Chair and RPS Chair / Neil Murphy, Reviews Editor, “Archives”)

Download: BRA Newsletter 4:1 (March 2016) [Adobe pdf]


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