Records at Risk

A Report on the BRA Survey of Risks to Historical Records in the East of England and London Regions, Autumn 2010

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In 2010 the Association commissioned a major survey of two English regions, the East of England and London.

We believe that the interest of the report goes beyond the two regions surveyed and we hope that its findings will seem more generally relevant and useful.

The British Records Association received sponsorship and support from the UK Data Archive (UKDA), University of Essex; the East of England Regional Archives Council (EERAC); Archives for London (AfL); the Charlotte Bonham-Carter Trust; the Mercers’ Company; and the estate of the late Nancy Briggs, formerly of Essex Record Office.

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Records at Risk: Summary and Recommendations

Records at Risk: the Full Report 


The Records at Risk Steering Group have revised the Legal Records at Risk Guidance (2021), which is now available to download as a PDF. This guide is endorsed by the BRA, Business Archives Council and the Institute for Advanced Legal Studies.